Welcome to Muse Ecology, where we hear some of the voices and grooves of people and place as we make our way back to harmony.  In a time of rising dissonance it is important that we share the stories of the reharmonization process so that we can live more into that narrative together.  Scientists, musicians, ecologists, thinkers and doers, often all in the same person.  Through their voices, and sometimes their music, we will explore some of the key complexities of this time on Earth as we all ask together how we might reintegrate with the song of life.

I am currently releasing a four part series beginning to explore humankind’s relation to the bison in the Great Plains of North America.  I have a backlog of inspiring, thought-provoking content I have been recording and am excited to share, and would love to be able to spend more time and resources creating these episodes so I can release them more frequently.  To enable you to help me do this, I’ve started a Patreon page where listeners can pick any monthly amount to contribute.  All contributions are greatly appreciated. Click here to become a patron.

You can subscribe to the email notification list on the right of the screen or subscribe on iTunes to hear about new episodes when they are released.  Upcoming episodes include Dr. Bronner, Alan Savory, the return of beaver, the relations between ecological function and climate, and much more.

We will also have our first Muse Ecology live webinar on March 5th 2019.  Mike Mease of the Buffalo Field Campaign, and Daniella Howard, director of the Savory Institute, will discuss possible synergies between wildlife advocacy and regenerative land management, and respond to questions from you in the Q and A session.  Stay tuned for pre-registration details on the email notification list or on the Muse Ecology Facebook page.


-Timothy Sexauer

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