Join the Muse Ecology Live Webinar on March 5th- Wild Bison and Holistic Management: a Collaborative Conversation


Tuesday March 5th, 1-3ishpm PST


Join us for this live webinar, where we will explore possible synergies between wildlife advocacy and regenerative ranching with Daniela Ibarra-Howell, director of the Savory Institute (upcoming Episode 8), and Mike Mease, co-founder of the Buffalo Field Campaign (Episode 4).

While cattle ranching has been in conflict with wild roaming buffalo herds since the 1800’s, this conversation will explore shared holistic context and possible creative solutions that include the needs of free-roaming wildlife, ranchers, and other aspects of domesticated civilization.

The Buffalo Field Campaign has been defending the last continuously wild herd of bison in the U.S. in and around Yellowstone National Park for decades, advocating that they be treated with the same respect and dignity given to other wildlife. Unlike the elk, wolf, pronghorn, and every other wild species, the Yellowstone bison are confined to Yellowstone Park and kept from repopulating by a yearly kill quota. While this policy is largely driven by cattle lobby concerns, in this live webinar we will explore ways that this narrative of opposition might shift.

The Savory Institute promotes the use of the Holistic Management framework and Holistic Planned Grazing, which is a way of creating a grazing plan that regenerates rather than degrades grasslands. They also respect uncontrolled wildlife as an essential part of whole systems, and many examples of holistically managed properties report increases in wildlife as grasslands are restored to health.

While both The Savory Institute and Buffalo Field Campaign each have a unique focus, there is ample common ground to have a discussion of ways we might rethink and redesign things to help the bison repopulate and again roam the plains while working within the limits of modern cultural, economic, and infrastructural realities.

Register to join us live and participate in the Q and A. Bring your open hearts and creative minds, and let’s see what new harmonious grooves we might find together.

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I look forward to seeing some of you there and getting to connect a bit during the question and answer session.  I’m also thinking of other ways that we can all connect to discuss the topics in the podcast and share research with each other.

I also host the monthly Ecosystem Restoration Deep Dive Webinar for the Ecosystem Restoration Camps movement, and this will be the first time that Muse Ecology listeners can get together with Deep Dive Webinar participants and others.

Cheers, timothy sexauer

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