#16 Li An Phoa; Singing Hearts and Drinkable Rivers

In this second episode in the Water, Life, Climate, and Civilization Series, I’m grateful to be able to share this inspiring conversation with Li An Phoa, creator of the Drinkable Rivers movement.  Li An is a scientist, activist, and river walker, working to mobilize watersheds to engage in citizen science and work together towards the return of drinkability to their river.  Li An explains that such properties of a river can emerge when all the relationships along it’s banks and in the watershed that feeds it are healthy.  She also reminds us of the important role our own singing hearts play in the web of relationships, connecting us to each other and the living world around us. 

You can connect with Li An Phoa and the Drinkable Rivers project at drinkablerivers.org.

And as always, thank you to the amazing singer and musician Peia, for allowing me to use her song The Old Ways Restored in the introduction to each podcast.  You can find her music at peiasong.com

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