#2 Global Landscape Forum I, Commonland Foundation

Episode 2 consists of some fascinating interviews conducted by John Liu at the Global Landscapes Forum in Bonn, Germany.  I’ve arranged them into five parts according to the topics discussed.

This part focuses on Commonland Foundation, an organization that catalyzes regenerative projects around the word.  We heard of Commonland in Episode 1 at the ecosystem restoration camp in Spain, and how it had played a crucial role in the context that facilitated that project.

Willem Ferwerda is the founder and CEO of Commonland Foundation.  I found his words to be clear and insightful, as John Liu’s questions ranged from advice for youth seeking to enter the emerging regenerative economy to the relation between ecosystem health and social stability.  Willem and the Commonland Foundation have done much to facilitate better relations between economy and ecology, and to restore ecosystem function in degraded landscapes.


We also hear from Eva Rood, Director of the Positive Change Initiative at Rotterdam school of Management, Erasmus University and project leader of the ENABLE-consortium (European Network for the Advancement of Business & Landscape Education).  She works with Commonland and Erasmus University to help create ways to educate folks on how to do business in a way that benefits ecosystem function.


Michael DiGiorgio recorded the banjo-bird jams I’m using in the intro and ending.  You can find his amazing nature art at https://www.mdigiorgio.com/ .  Mike says that if you’d like to buy the album of his nature-banjo jams, you can find his email on his website and he can mail you a CD.

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