#5 Bonus: Protecting the Black Hills

In our visit with Mark Tilsen in the Black Hills for Episode 5 about Tanka Bar, our interview happened to take place right before a prayer walk to a proposed gold mining site up the creek from Mark’s place.  As I began to include this synchronous content in the Tanka Bar episode, I realized that it lit up a section of the rabbit hole that needed it’s own episode for a proper introduction, so I created this bonus episode to explore some of the complexities that emerged while looking at gold mining in the Black Hills.  It includes another historical introduction, audio from the prayer walk, and recordings from phone conversations with Mark Tilsen and Cheryl Rowe of Dakota Rural Action.


Here’s a photo of the Homestake Mine site (Photo Credit: Rachel Harris):

Homestake Mine, Photo Credit Rachel Harris


Tanka Bar: www.tankabar.com

Dakota Rural Action:  www.dakotarural.org

Mineral Mountain Resources:  www.mineralmtn.com

U.N. Special Report on Indigenous Peoples in the U.S.: The Situation of Indegenous Peoples of the United States

You can find the album, Under a Buffalo Sun, containing John Trudell’s Buffalo Wild poem, and another album of Mignon and Good Shield’s entitled Soul-A-Mente.

Under a Buffalo Sun


You can find the New Food Economy article Mark mentions in the update interview here.

Michael DiGiorgio recorded the banjo-bird jams I’m using in the intro and ending. You can find his amazing nature art at https://www.mdigiorgio.com. Mike says that if you’d like to buy the album of his nature-banjo jams, you can find his email on his website and he can mail you a CD.

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