Wild Bison and Holistic Management: A Collaborative Conversation

This webinar was a year in the dreaming and ended up being even more than I’d imagined. It’s long, so take a break if you need, but I highly recommend watching through to the end.
You can see the trust and friendship forming and I am excited to see what comes of these folks and more working together to enable wild bison to repopulate the Great Plains in a way that works in the greater holistic context. As was said by Mike and Moritz, we agree on 95%, so let’s get that right. I look forward to watching this synergistic conversation grow anf include more voices, including the many folks already working on this. As Daniel Ibarra-Howell, Savory Institute Director said in the webinar, “We’re gonna make some noise!”

You can hear Mike Mease in Episode 4, Moritz Espy in upcoming Episode 6, and Daniela Howard and Allan Savory in upcoming Episode 7.

Buffalo Field Campaign

777 Bison Ranch

The Savory Institute

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