#8 Holistic Management, The Savory Institute, and Wild Bison

In this fifth and final episode in this series on the bison in the Great Plains, we visit the Savory Institute Headquarters in Colorado and speak with Daniela Howell, Director of the Savory Institute, and Allan Savory, inventor of the Holistic Management framework.

We also hear some collaborative discussion about how regenerative cattle ranchers might support efforts to facilitate the return of large roaming herds of wildlife to the prairie.

You can find the Muse Ecology Webinar Wild Bison and Holistic Management, A Collaborative Conversation at www.youtube.com/watch?v=7CW2X289Asc

You can find out more about The Savory Institute at www.savory.global

Here’s links for each of the organizations in this bison series

Buffalo Field Campaign, Tanka Bar, Tanka Fund, 777 Bison Ranch, Wild Idea Buffalo Company

The epic banjo-bird jam in the introduction was recorded by Michael DiGiorgio.  . You can find his amazing nature art at https://www.mdigiorgio.com. Michael says that if you’d like to buy the album of his nature-banjo jams, you can find his email on his website and he can mail you a CD.  Many thanks to Michael for letting me use it for this first year of episodes.  This will be the last episode with this introduction music, as next episode begins year two with an intro song by the beautiful musical artist Peia.

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