#17 Felipe Pasini, Syntropic Farming

Since millennia before the early states of Mesopotamia, farming has been a complexity-destroying process.  In this episode, we’ll hear from Felipe Pasini about an agricultural approach called Syntropic Farming that reverses this process, facilitating greater ecological complexity while providing for human needs.

Many thanks to the wonderful folks of Mertola for their hospitality, and thanks to Nuno Roxo for showing us around town and explaining the archeology and history.

Here is a lovely video called Life In Syntropy that Felipe co-created several years ago to introduce the concept.


You can learn more about Syntropic Farming at


You can learn more about Katharina Serafimova’s work at


And again, many thanks to Peia for the use of her inspiring song The Old Ways Restored in the podcast introduction.  You can find her beautiful music at https://peiasong.com/

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