#19 The Mangrove Action Project

In this episode we continue the Water, Life, Climate, and Civilization series with Alfredo Quarto, co-founder and international program director of the Mangrove Action Project.  In our conversation with Alfredo, we discuss the importance of mangrove ecologies, their devastation by the shrimp farming industry, and how the mangrove action project uses an approach called Community Based Ecological Mangrove Restoration to facilitate their natural regeneration.

Here’s a photo of Fukuoka’s drawing that came up in our conversation, depcting “experts expanding the darkness of the cave”.

Mangrove Action Project website contains further information about mangrove ecology and their important restoration work.



You can support their work by purchasing a beautiful 2021 calendar feature mangrove-inspired art from children around the world.


And as always, thank you to Peia for donating the use of her song The Old Ways Restored for the podcast intro.

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