#26 Addressing the Other Leg of Climate Change, 2nd Panel

“Water begets water, soil is the womb, and vegetation is the midwife.” -Prof. Millan M. Millan

This last episode, for now, in the Water, Life, Climate, and Civilization series, was a great panel conversation with 6 people from 3 different organizations, each working from distinct approaches  to restore weather and climate through restoring natural processes.  It was a lovely example of the diversity of backgrounds that are beginning to come together around this idea.

Juliette Kool and Ties van der Hoeven, The Weather Makers

-and here is a link to their Regreening the Sinai project page

Maya Dutta and Jim Laurie, Biodiversity for a Livable Climate

-and here is a link to their compendium

Marcel de Berg and Pieter-Paul de Kluvier, Green Water Cools

-here is a 5 minute video on their work

Here is the UNEP Foresight Brief I mentioned, that calls for a climate change paradigm shift.

Here is the water cycle changes chapter of the IPCC report.

And here again is the link to Professor Millan’s 2014 Journal of hydrology paper.

And as always, many thanks to Peia for the use of her song The Old Ways Restored in the introduction.

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