#25 Addressing the Other Leg of Climate Change, 1st Panel

The understanding that we can restore weather and climate systems by protecting and restoring the living surface of the Earth is an idea whose time has come.  In these final two episodes in this Water, Life, Climate, and Civilization series, we’ll hear discussions of how this understanding is beginning to guide our response to climate change, from grassroots to international levels.

In this first of the two panels, I met with three  friends from previous episodes who have had a big influence on how I think about our relation to water, life, and climate: 

Professor Millan Millan, mesometeorologist

Li An Phoa, founder of Drinkable Rivers

John D. Liu, filmmaker and ecologist

Here are the linked references for the three of Millan’s papers that I said in the discussion I’d include here in the show notes.

Millán, M. M. et al (2005). Climatic Feedbacks and Desertification: The Mediterranean Model, Journal of Climate, 18(5), 684-701.

Millán, Millán. (2014). Extreme hydrometeorological events and climate change predictions in Europe. Journal of Hydrology 518 (2014) 206-224. Journal of Hydrology. 518. 206-224.

Pausas, J.G., & Millán, M.M. (2019). Greening and Browning in a Climate Change Hotspot: The Mediterranean Basin. BioScience.


#14 Prelude to the Water, Life, Climate, and Civilization Series

In this prelude to the upcoming series dealing with the interrelated processes of Water, Life, Climate, and Civilization, we take a look at the historical and mythological roots of civilization’s discord, and set the tone for the series with a new song and some poignant clips from the next three episodes that remind us of the dynamic complexity we are interconnected with.

From renowned meteorologist, Professor Millan Millan, we’ll learn how our land use has been disrupting weather and climate since long before it was accelerated by the industrial revolution, and how land use change can bring about meteorological healing. From scientist and inspiring activist Li An Phoa we’ll hear about her Drinkable Rivers project, and her mission to awaken folks to the awareness that Drinkable Rivers are a result of all the relationships and processes in a watershed being intact and healthy, including our own singing hearts. Finally, we’ll hear from farmer and journalist Felipe Pasini about an agricultural approach called Syntropic Farming, which increases rather than reduces complexity on a landscape.

Here’s a link to my new song in this episode, called Waves.

And here are it’s chords and lyrics.