#24 Renewables and Accountability: A Panel Discussion

This episode is a diverse panel discussion on the implications of renewable energy supply chains on life, water, and local communities, and how we might address them.

Saad Youssefi has a background in finance and economics and works in the renewable energy sector, consulting governments and international corporations on energy production projects.  He’s also coauthored a book on Energy Storage for practitioners.

Mary Gibson is Western Shoshone, and has experienced devastation of life, land, and culture by the mining industry and the colonizing process in general.  She is on the board of Great Basin Resource Watch.

Derrick Jensen is a long time activist and advocate for the living Earth, and has written dozens of books on the subject.  Most recently he coauthored a book called Bright, Green, Lies:  How the Environmental Movement Lost it’s Way and What We Can Do About It, about the negative effects of the renewables industry on the biosphere. Continue reading “#24 Renewables and Accountability: A Panel Discussion”