#13 Natural Building at Quail Springs, There’s Music in the Walls

In this episode, we visit Quail Springs in the Cuyama Valley of Southern California, a place and community dear to my heart. We’ll hear useful knowledge about building with natural materials, and learn of exciting recent developments in the international legalization of cob construction.

This episode also contains alot of folk music, including quite a few songs from the soulful Cuyama Mama Jan Smith. There was even a surprise acoustic performance by the talented bluegrass band,
Hot Buttered Rum (HBR). Feel free to have hoe-down dance party, and if you’d like to hear even more, Nat from HBR welcomed me to share the whole recording of their set with you. Here it is, including all their jams with Jan Smith and Andrew Clinard.

And here’s a few more of Jan’s songs that were in the episode: Bring It On, The Well, Beauty

You can support the important ongoing cob testing work at Quail Springs here.

You can find out more about the Cob Research Institute and their work getting cob into building codes here.

You can hear more from the musicians in this episode at the following links:

Hot Buttered Rum:  hotbutteredrum.net

They are currently doing an indigogo campaign for a musical project they just recorded in Rwanda and Zambia.  You can support here.

Jan Smith:  facebook.com/jansmithmusic/



Andrew Clinard:  therealjohngary.com/

Alice Bradley:  Alice’s Soundcloud

And again, thank you to Peia for allowing me to use her song The Old Ways Restored for the introduction, and for her important work in the world.  You can find her music and tour dates at peiasong.com/

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