Homegrown Resilience Webinar

Here’s the Youtube link for the Homegrown Resilience Webinar:


In this panel webinar, we discuss what makes local food systems more resilient than large scale industrial food systems, and get into some practical advice on growing food at home. We learn some basics of urban gardening, establishing a nursery for veggies and perennials, setting up a few types of drip irrigation, and some easy ways to begin growing mushrooms at home.

Links and resources shared in the webinar:

You can find the permaculture art of Brenna Quinlan at www.brennaquinlan.com

Bashira Muhammad, Zoom Out Mycology

You can reach Bashira at admin@zoomoutmycology.net.

You can purchase spawn, fruiting blocks, and their wonderful medicinal mushroom teas at www.zoomoutmycology.net.

Here’s the link Bashira recommends where you can see and purchase log inoculating tools:  www.fieldforest.net/product/Palm-Tool-Inoculation-Bundles/inoculatorswww.fieldforest.net/product/Palm-Tool-Inoculation-Bundles/inoculators

Loren Luyenduyk, Santa Barbara Organics

For consultation, design, and management of regenerative systems from backyards to landscape level farms and ranches, you can find Loren’s services at www.sborganics.com.

Resources that Loren shared in the webinar:

Southern California Fruit Master List 2020

Regenerative Plants 2020

Southern California Coastal Planting Calendar

Gary Macdougall, Grow the Food You Love

You can find Gary and an online community of folks sharing urban gardening knowledge at https://www.facebook.com/groups/growthefoodyoulove/.

Alison Sexauer, Rogue Valley Food System Network

You can reach out to connect with Alison about local food systems at coordinator@rvfoodsystem.org.

And here’s a great article on this topic recently written by Jean-Martin Fortier:  The Future of Farming is Human Scale

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